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Rolf, the founder of Hasta, lived for 20 years in Argentina. Locals are known as the « Italians “ of South America and therefore make delicious ice creams. Back in Switzerland, Rolf doesn’t find anything comparable. "Ice cream should taste like the fruit its made from" as Rolf often repeats. He decides to solve this problem by starting to make some by himself. In the beginning he started preparing it for his family and then for his friends. Because of the great feedbacks he receives, he decides to drop everything and to found a handcrafted ice cream shop. In honor of his life in Argentina and to be true to his 100% natural conception, he calls his company HASTA. It stands for Heladeria Argentina-Suiza Totalmente Artesanal, which means: Argentinan-Swiss artisan ice cream shop. After 15 years of success in Wallis Hasta decides to open a new shop in Zürich, run by his son Paulo, who learned everything about crafting natural ice cream at a very young age. 

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